Platform model ANDREIS 2000 T5B-central crane arm

Suitable for 10 t wrecker. at 12 t., approximately 4200mm wheelbase

Main technical characteristics

  • Tilting and hydraulically demountable loading surface with 3 independently controlled cylinders;
  • Load capacity: 5.000Kg.
  • Retractable hydraulic central crane arm
  • Hydraulic rear fork, type T 2 (lifting capacity 2000kg.), Also acting as a stabilizer, for the recovery and transport of the second car
  • Hydraulic winch, 4t lifting capacity, equivalent to about 8t. shooting.
  • 24mt rope. and tow hook.
  • Remote control for winch.
  • Pump and power take-off unit.
  • Adjustable tie-rods for fixing the transported vehicle on the floor
  • Tool drawer.
  • Painting.
  • Total weight of equipment: Kg. 2,800 – 2,900 approx.
  • Mounting on your cabinet
  • IGM testing

Upon your request

  • Hydraulic mobile winch
  • Professional radio remote control
  • AMERICA type flashing bar
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