Towing truck with platform – new full option .

  • year 2020, manual gearbox, km 39.000
  • 4100mm wheelbase, white cabin,
  • original rear additional crossbows
  • .
  • With ANDREIS model 2000 T2 equipment complete:
  • Hydraulic tilting and sliding platform, with hollow for spoiler Standard length: 5000mm; Width: 2.100mm.
  • Ability of cargo of the platform: 2.000 Kg
  • Hydraulic VIME winch lifting capacity of 2.5 ton equivalent to approximately 5 ton pull with rope guide and rope press and ball hook
  • Remote control professional for the winch and for platform including disengagement of the drum winch
  • P.T.O and pump
  • Lever hydraulic distributors control unit for all functions including winch drum disengagement:
  • Nr. 2 wedges, nr. 2 belts for locking the vehicle to be transported on the platform.
  • Pulley for side shots
  • Tool boxes, etc …
  • Motorcycle rack
  • Plainting with color you want
  • Lightbars version America plus two LED work lamps
  • Equipment with CE mark
  • .

PRICE: Euro 52.000,00

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