Buying a breakdown platform from the ANDREIS company means talking directly with the manufacturer, finding the best solution to your specific needs, taking into account how each solution can have its advantages but also defects that a simple seller is not normally aware of.

In particular, in this moment of general crisis it has never been so important to buy directly from the manufacturer, eliminating any intermediate step that can raise the final price to the detriment of the user.

Here are some Andreis solutions that distinguish our equipment from the competition:

Cutting of the rear cantilevered frame to have a tipping point as advanced as possible that, with the same platform extension, a much smaller load angle is obtained.

The hollow for sports cars which goes to dig the floor exactly in the point where the spoilers would touch and at the same time offers a better lateral support for the transported vehicles, many are used to seeing the usual floor folded up for loading sports cars, but not everyone knows that by folding the last part of the platform, to make it touch the ground, it must be tilted more with a consequent increase in the loading angle in the second part and when you go to load a truck already close to the maximum permissible height , with this increase adopted by the competition, the load is further increased.

Let’s move on to the fork with combined crane arm:

there are numerous advantages such as lower weight even than a traditional fork since it does not have the carcass that stretches up to bolt to the truck chassis

in the fork loading position it remains with the arm parallel to the ground against any other fork which, being attached to the chassis of the truck, always has a certain downward inclination to reach the ground so the telescopic arm can touch the bumpers of the cars lower.

When used as a crane arm it can reach a height of 3 meters to 150 cm cantilevered off the platform.

It would seem little, but if we look at the central arm on the hooklifts offered by our competitors, we discover that the arm having to end at about 80 cm from the end of the platform, when mounted on medium-light trucks, they have an extension of 2-3 meters and therefore a maximum of 1 or 2 meters leave the platform that when you go to get up, the head of the arm does not always manage to come out of the shape of the platform and therefore have spent 3-4,000 euros more and weighed 4- 500kg to have a very similar (if not worse) result to that of our fork-arm, in our opinion it is not the best solution.

Another issue is for the 2000 T5B model, a roll-off platform with a retractable central crane arm that has little competition in terms of its dimensions: height of 6 meters, capacity of 4T, reinforced at critical points, using high-strength and elasticity steels. , it is possible to contain the weights, for example by crediting a Eurocargo 100E17P of more than 40 quintals of payload.

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